Something I found

Now I’m in 3rd yr, I feel so stressed out and it shows in my face. I have never felt so old like this. That is why I started looking for regimens to somehow pamper my face. I love wearing make up when the occasion calls for it but I don’t like putting something on my face everyday. Hassle lang. Though, I learned there’s something you need to constantly put on ur face and that is a moisturizer. I’ve read from a classmate’s blog that whatever skin type you have, you should put on a moisturizer. And maybe that’s what I need to somehow prevent aging. Haha. Anyway, so I was searching on my Mom’s room for some extra moisturizers or other regimens. And here’s what I found:

Lucky me! My mom and others told me that these kind of things are costly so I was really delighted to find these. My mom was not using them anymore so I could use it. Buuuut here’s the catch: 2009 pa expiration date. Kaloka. Sayang. Now, they’re in the trash can. jusmeyo 5 years.

#day4 #naliestrips


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